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In a far corner of the Dorsoduro, in the campus of the seventeenth-century Palazzo Zenobio lies a building within a building – a baroque footprint of a place that never existed, bursting from the humble confines of a place often forgotten. Katrín Sigurdardóttir’s Foundation, 2013 
offers up an architectural palimpsest, nodding to the past lives and future of a city slowly sinking into the Adriatic. It is thought that the city of Troy contains at least seven layers, and perhaps as many at ten – that the city was built and rebuilt over and over again, on top of itself and out of itself – a cannibal city. Sigurdardóttir’s practice and works often confuse time, space, and scale, seducing viewers into uncanny and cinematic worlds. Foundation, however, is very much of this world, a crystalline work that presents us with our very own inevitability.  JR

Image CreditsKatrín Sigurđardóttir. Foundation, 2013. Installation at Lavenderia, Palazzo Zenobio, Venice
. The Icelandic Pavilion, 55th Venice Biennale

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